Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pot Luck not so lucky

There is this thing about US people who host parties don't essentially Make all the dishes, instead all the people attending the party get one and people here call this Potluck.On Saturday was the first official part hosted by VISA (the Indian students association of Villanova) the potluck at B43.As my cooking turn was on Saturday I had to do the honour of cooking for representation from our room and I've decided to cook veg biryani which ended up to be half cooked and indisputably won the worst dish award.Even though pot luck proved unlucky with my super flop dish it was fun and thanks to some good cooks from other room we had delicious gobi Manchuria,aloo chat(Which one the best dish),Chicken Liver fry,and Veg fried rice.After the wonderful dinner the fun continued till late night with dumb Charades,truth or dare and poker (yes i learned poker, as they say what is the fun in being in US with out playing poker).

Dumb charades time


  1. did u play poker... and hyd izzat tiyaku ra... biryani karab chesavaa

  2. Wow! Rahul having fun. Cool! Arey I always knew you as a good cook. How come you ended up messing up the dish. Anyways have loads of fun! Keep rocking


  3. hey raul we too had a pot luck but i dint cook anything coz i no nothing about cooking and all those stuff but had great fun we too played dum charades as u people did.... i thought of having a pot luck once in a week lolzzzz......... so raul had great fun on that day.....


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