Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pulsar 200 My New Bike

Ahhhhhhh , a bike at last.
And finally after all the struggle the bike is here a brand new pulsar 200.

Initial Choices I Had :

When I first short listed the names of the bikes , i had quite a many options.

  1. Apache (TVS)
  2. Gladiator 150 (Yamaha)
  3. Pulsar 180 (Bajaj)
  4. Pulsar 220 (Bajaj)
  5. CBZ Xtreme (HH)
  6. Karizma (HH)
  7. And OFF COURSE PULSAR 200 (Bajaj)


Actually I liked the red coloured Apache with the black mag wheels, but the bike is 2 short for me.

Gladiator 150:

Truly speaking , I never saw it ,some of my friends recommended it . I never really thought of buying an Yamaha, because I feel Yamaha India is on the verge of bankruptcy( most of the top officials left and also the sales hitting all time low).

Pulsar 180:

Believe me at some point in time i actually went to Babaj showroom to book one .It lacked the exclusiveness. Not that Pulsar 200 looks very different other pulsars but just that it has some unique features and bit different look unlike 180 which is just another pulsar 150 with a powerful engine.

Pulsar 220 :

As a matter of fact , Pulsar 220 wasn't much of a choice as it is yet to be released .

No one knows the release date , no not even the personal at the Bajaj Pro biking showroom.

It has some very good features . When released it will take on Hero Honda's karizma and hit its already affected sales very badly .

CBZ Xtreme (HH) :

Considering the fact that there so many crazy CBZ fans out there waiting , i had never expected such a dumb CBZ from HH . By dumb i mean the way it looks , the awful head light (indicators embedded in the dome) and tail light are a major turnoffs and also the back grab rails are bad and look like like horns projecting outwards.

But the engine is good. Even then who would care to buy an Ugly looking bike just for an good engine when one is getting a equally good engine and looks too(Pulsar 200).

Karizma (HH) :

The closest competition for pulsar 200 is from Zma. The newly released Karizma R has stunning looks with new black colour engine and changed graphics.

What Karizma lacks:
For the features like self-canceling Indicators that switch off when the turn has been completed and the handlebar comes to a ‘straight ahead’ position with a pre-set automatic switch off function, even if the turn has not been undertaken, auto switchover feature - which comes into play in case one of the two Headlamp filaments stops functioning, back lit, non-contact type, soft-touch handlebar switches digital speedo meter - which throws away the conventional cable, additional digital trip meter and indicators for air filter condition, engine temperature, battery voltage and oil level -all of which contribute to enhancing rider info for trouble-free riding and for a low maintenance battery with a unique venting valve - which drastically reduces the electrolyte loss and therefore reducing frequency of routine maintenance the new Karizma has no answers to Bajaj Pulsar 200cc.


Mileage :


25-30 KMPL city riding conditions.

Pulsar 200:

I got a whooping 45 KMPL in city riding conditions .


Karizma will cost 83895 bugs on road in Hyderabad.

pulsar 200 will cost 73985 bucks.

a difference of almost 10000.


ZMA 17 bhp .

pulsar 200's got 18 bhp in spite of karizma being 225cc.

The Special Features Of Pulsar 200:

Pulsar 200cc features India’s first oil cooled engine.

An all Stainless Steel silencer with a Aluminium muffler can for genuine sporty looks and long life.

A unique Battery Energy Conserving feature ensures a fixed delay after 3 continuous cranks.

It’s the first bike in India to feature both front and rear tubeless tyres, which besides offering superior stability are safer than conventional tube types and in sync with the offerings abroad for similar applications. The rear tyre is the broadest in its category to ensure better road grip and stability. Another first is the use of split seats in pulsar 200cc for styling and comfort.

Sleek, Twin row, Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for the tail and brake lamp ensures “Zero Maintenance”. and a long battery life.

Backlit, Non-Contact type, Soft-touch Handlebar Switches.

Self-canceling Indicators that switch off when the turn has been completed and the handlebar comes to a ‘straight ahead’ position with a pre-set automatic switch off function, even if the turn has not been undertaken.

Black paint theme carried over to the front fork legs, the rear shock absorbers, and the swing arm, in addition to the engine, for deadly looks.

High performance exposed ‘O’ ring Drive chain for running in dusty conditions, providing for clean uncluttered looks and commensurate with the bikes image.

More pros:

1. The riding position itself is very sporty.

2. The handle bar is lower than P180.

3. The foot pegs are kicked back.

4. The acceleration is really amazing, definitely a ZMA beater in terms of performance.

5. The vibes are lower than p180.

6. Exhaust note is better.

7. Cranking is smooth.

8. Low maintenance battery. Water level needs to be checked once in the year.

9. Spit seat is cool and does give some, actually very little, support. But the pillion seat needs to be unlocked from the battery compartment. But pillion will be very much comfortable.

10. Paint quality is really good and will last long.

11. The Headlight bulb and the pilot lamps are white.

12. The crash guard or the leg guard is smaller in height. It being black in color is not at all an eyesore. Though small but it will surely help if Bike falls.

13. Tubeless tires 90/90 at front 120/80 at back

14. Thick tank pad.

15. Huge air filter box. K&N should be an easy fit.

16. Bigger 260mm front disc

17. Embossed name and logo, similar to old karizma but not plastic, just thick sticker.

18. No chain cover.

19. No ugly footrest for saree wearing ladies.

20. Silencer is not black in color, silver color compliments the new design.

21. Better quality switches. similar to UG3, much better than the old ones.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mac Vs PC

Everyone seems to be talking about Apple's new " I'm a Mac" advartisements .
Have you seen them ?
They seem to have caught quite a fancy of the viewers.
For those who don't know, Apple has released advartisements that potray PC users as uncool geeks and then compare them to Mac users , who they potray as "cool dudes".

They've even got ads against the Microsoft's newly released vista.

What the Microsoft people said :

Bill Gates : " I don't think the over 90per cent of those who use Windows PCs think of themselves as dullards , or the kind of klutzzes that somebody are tyring to say they are."

Steve Ballmer: "Remember when you're little tiny niche guy who owns about 2 per cent of the worlwide market, you can be cute one time and it helps you grow."

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