Monday, June 18, 2007

Looking Glass for the future

Project Looking Glass by Sun Microsystems is open platform for creating an innovative 3D desktop environment for various Operating Systems.

It created lots of interest among developers when it was first demonstrated publicly by Jonathan Schwartz at Sun Networks 2003 in San Francisco, but it seems to have taken back seat for some time now.

Today when Operating systems (like vista ans OS X) seem to have gone 3D in order to look better people must look at
Project Looking Glass which is an Open source software promising to make entire PC environment a 3D world.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

TVS Apache 160 RTR

As expected , the big brother of TVS APACHE 150 is here. But it is just 10cc bigger than its predecessor and 2 kg heavier , letting down all those who expected a 180 cc version of APACHE.

TVS APACHE 150 is a big hit in fact , it is the largest selling bike for TVS. Just like 150 which came in when the pulsar 150's and 180's were ruling the road ;as a sigh of relief , I would feel this one is a serious competition for all the 150's out there in the market . Just get a feeling that TVS managed another good one . Another advantage TVS has is , 150 APACHE as the lowest ex-showroom price in 150cc segment , so, the pricing of 160 APACHE RTR can be much more competitive . Expected to be out very soon, with an ex-showroom price of around 60k ..
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