Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Came I Ran I Conquered

I’ve been there at the Hyderabad 10k run. This is my first time and loved it.And the best part of it is that I completed the whole 10K, though it took me 1 hour 50 mins I’m happy about completing it. The event started off with some entertainment at the People’s plaza and with Victory Venkatesh unveiling the logo and flagging off the run.Loads of people participated and finished the run including some handicapped people, small children.And there were lots of corporate groups like Google,Microsoft, Infosys etc too.There were bands performing all through out the course which made the whole event much more fun.   


                          Entertainment (before the race was flagged off)





Me before the the start



There were many corporate groups like Deloitte



                          Various Bands performing along the course.




                                    At 6 KM mark 4more to go



                                Buddha statue form Tank Bund




                                     3 more to go.



       Yacht with Save Hussain Sagar slogan.The theme for this years run




                           Almost done at the 9 Km mark.



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A R Rehman’s ad jingles

These are some of he Rehman’s ad jingles.

This ad got him award:

This makes me feel nostalgic:

This one has to be from Rehman. The Mozart of  Madras experimenting with the original Mozart's music.

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