Friday, October 19, 2007

Wanna Ride A Hunk ?

Hero Honda unveiled its new 150cc bike on 17th October. This will be their third bike in the 150cc segment (Achiever and CBZ Xtreme being other two).

Price:This bike is competitively priced at 55,000 RS for a kick start and RS 57000 for the self start Ex-showroom Delhi.

True to its name the bike has a masculine look with a big tank and side tank shrouds.The headlight seems to be similar to Achiever's.The side view might just remained you of the Xtereme except for the tank shrouds.Its a good looking bike overall (If u didn't like this one just think of the Ugly Xtreme u'll definitely like this one).

It is expected to deliver a decent mileage just like Xtreme or even better, because this one's provided with what the HH people call Carburetor Controlled Variable Ignition for the improved fuel efficiency.

Another notable feature is the 5 step adjustable gas filled rear shocks promising a smooth ride even in the extreme riding conditions.

Other things to look out for:

  • Retro looking speedo.
  • Raised rear seat (not split though).
  • Chrome finish 3d "HUNK" emblem.
  • Puncture resistant rear tuff-up tube.
  • New Generation 10W30 SJ Grade, JASO MA Grade Engine oil for longer oil change intervals of 6000 kms – reduced maintenance cost and excellent cold starting ability.


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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Saawariya music review

Sanjay Leella Bansali who always had a music extravaganza in his earlier movies will not disappoint us this time around, the music was composed by Monty Sharma not a new name to the industry, he has done background score of Sanjay's earlier movies like the Devdas and black this music consists a total of 10 songs the first goes " Saawariya" i think every one had listened this as it is widely used in all the teasers of the film "fresh and young" as i call it and it has a reprise to it too which gives a contemporary look to the album next comes "maasah-allah "song which is a slow romantic number which is quite good too and then " thodde -badmash" this gives u a acute nostalgia of devdas( i mean songs of devdas). GOOD and then the " daras bina nahin chain" listening to the lyrics of the song we can say it is a sad slow song "yooh shabnami and chaabeela " are kind of a typical bollywood songs and other songs like sawar gayi , jaan-e-jaan are slow indeed and i didn't like them especially ,and people who like all slow songs would like it i guess and the song called pari is OK overall i give it 7 out of 10 for a simple reason that 7 songs are worth listening out of the 10 songs .

Techblues verdict:

review done by :Padma Kumar
his blog : Outlandish photos.

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