Saturday, December 29, 2007

R.I.P Netscape

Netscape Navigator the most popular browser of the 90's is no more. AOL which acquired Netscape in 1999 in a deal with an estimated cost of $4.2 billion announced that there will be no more active product support after 1st Feb 2008 for the browser which is currently in the version 9.

For all those people who just can't do without Netscape AOL suggests to use FireFox with a Netscape theme.

Albeit official support ceases you might find some support from forums like ,

Reasons :
The following among others can be seen as the main reasons of AOL to discontinue Netscape:
  • Market share of Netscape down to less than 1% ,the same browser in 1999 had a share of above 85%.AOL made two attempts to revive the market presence of Netscape in vain.

  • Success of the non-profit Mozilla foundation which churns out the popular FireFox browser.

Let us all say good bye to old friend which many (including me) the first taste of Internet.

first version of the popular browser


Netscape Blog.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I-pod Touch

techblues is not much into product reviews, but the when the Apple's concerned i just can't resist my carvings to talk about their products.

Now, if you are wondering what's the product I'm talking about, its none other than the new I-POD Touch .This iphone like looking gorgeous i-pod comes with a 3.5" display and its a mere 8mm thick. Its available in 8GB and 16GB variants, as for the battery life, the touch is said to last 12 hours when playing audio and 5 hours when watching video.

Among many positives the USP of the ipod-touch would be its multi touch interface( the same revolutionary technology that made iphone a hit), you should actually use it to get to know how good the interface is. Another nice feature is the built-in Wi-Fi and Safari browser in ipod-touch which lets you surf the web in any Wi-Fi hot spot.

Now on the flip side we have a few things :
  • Email is absent

  • No Bluetooth

  • Max size 16GB.

  • To pricey for the size on the offer(16 GB).

  • No external volume control( not really a negative , if you can get used to touch screen volume control which more than compensates for the absence of the external volume control).


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bajaj Pulsar 300cc

Here is the pic of the all new 300cc Bajaj Pulsar.

This is the pic that is doing rounds for sometime.

NOW, STOP DREAMING there is no pulsar 300cc (sorry or disapointing all those who expected one) . The pic you are seeing is a piece of great artwork by someone who is good at photoshop.

Here are some more pics just in case you are a fan of photoshop modified pics or you like the bike in the pics

Read more at confused programmer.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I am

Do u know when the first ever domain name was registered?

It was way back in 1985 ,22 years back .
Now for the first .com which was registered on March 15 1985 and it was which still happens to be up and running, although not much to look at.

Now here's the list of the first 20 domain names to be ever registered,although there are very few names in the list that i have heard like,,,,, many of them are still working .

SYMBOLICS.COM March 15 1985
BBN.COM April 24 1985

THINK.COM May 24 1985

MCC.COM July 11 1985

DEC.COM September 30 1985

NORTHROP.COM November 7 1985

XEROX.COM January 9 1986

SRI.COM January 17 1986

HP.COM March 3 1986

BELLCORE.COM March 5 1986

IBM.COM March 19 1986

SUN.COM March 19 1986

INTEL.COM March 25 1986

TI.COM March 25 1986

ATT.COM April 12 1986

GMR.COM May 8 1986

TEK.COM May 8 1986

FMC.COM July 10 1986

UB.COM July 10 1986

BELL-ATL.COM August 5 1986

Read the 100 oldest registered domains.

Four in the first five domains are working except for and i didn't have Patience to check the rest if u have just comment here.


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