Friday, January 22, 2010

Missing Windows live writer

I'm writing a post after a long gap.Things changed since I last wrote a text post I moved to us for my MS  (managed to published some photos but this is my first text post form us) I had to switch to linux and I'm missing Windows live writer the most so trying Scribe fire.


  1. Strange. Should have put Live Writer as an add-on in Windows 7.

    Hey raul, use uppercase in US so that people understand it is United States. :P

  2. ha ha ha sanjay knows better about US than us.... and raul kya yaar twitter ki tharha.. bohat chota post... c'mon... get used to linux.....

  3. @ Sanjay ya need to learn correct english

  4. @Padma indeed twitter is responsible for this small post. And i'm trying hard to get used to linux but it gets annoying when many things don't work.


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