Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mash - the sweet heart

Yahoo has recently launched a new social networking site called MASH.This is another attempt by Yahoo to cash in on the social networking phenomenon.

Reasons behind another social networking site by yahoo-

  1. -Yahoo' unsuccesful attempt to buy Face Book for 1 billion $'s and-

  2. Yahoo 360- yahoo's first social networking attempt failing.-

  3. Stats saying the number of daily American visitors to My Space and Face Book more than the visitors to Yahoo and Google.

I got a invitation to Mash last week. Well , here's what the Mash feels like.First thing that one would observe at the Mash is that it borrows its features from all the popular social networking sites like face book and My Space.

These features set Mash apart from other social networking sites according to the Mash Blog:

  1. You can make starter profiles for your friends. Think: “first round’s on me.”

  2. You can leave your profile open to contributions by trusted friends.

  3. You can customize your — or your friend’s — profile with modules from a growing gallery of apps.

The Times call this a "wikipedia of social networking as you can create your and modify your friend's profiles.Unlike Orkut( India's favourite social networking site) it offers much more customization .You can just drag and drop a module to add it to your profile.There is big( still growing) list of modules to select from. The modules are Flicker RSS, Ego Boost, Common Friends , Blog Module (RSS 2.0) just to name a few.Much like the FaceBook the mash Say's “in the coming months we’re going to open up our module development platform to 3rd party developers,” .

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Celebrating 5000 visitors

Yesterday my 5000th visitor dropped in. 5000 visitors in 7 months that's at a rate of above 700 visitors per month .

Well, it was a nice journey with 20 posts ,27 comments and 60 tags since my first blog post on 8th February 2007.
Thanks to all the visitors and special thanks to those who shared their thoughts through comments.

Keep visiting this blog as I'll try to make this blog even more interesting with consistent updates.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Go Sachin Go

Is Sachin Tendulkar retiring from ODI's ?. This is the topic of discussion doing rounds all over the media. And if you thought this is just another post adding to the speculation you are mistaken.I wouldn't definitely want to write an article speculating about his retirement.

I'm writing this post just to wish Sachin all the best for the last and decisive match of the serise on Saturday at Lords .The whole of India is waiting for Sachin to overcome the nervous nineties and make a century at the Lords.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Balle Balle Hollywood to Bollywood

As i watch the Saawariya's trailer showing heroin in a flowing beaded gown gliding through a pond,The big and elaborate set with immense detailing appear in every frame and virtually stunning scenes.But amid all these what grabbed my attention was the legendary Columbia TriStar logo.This reminds me of the fact that the Hollywood studios have started making Bollywood films.

Of the five big studios in America namely Universal, Columbia Tristar, 20 th Century Fox, Disney and Warner Brothers . Three have entered Hindi film industry in a big way, ColumbiaTristar with Sanjay Leela Bansali's Sawaariya, and Disney is all set to produce a joint venture with Yash Raj Filims India an animated movie named 'Roadside Romeo'. The third one Warner Brothers had announced a Bollywood venture 'Made In India' soon to made by Rohan Sippy and director Nikhil Advani. The remainig are expected to follow the suit.

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