Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rehnam concert in hyderabad

Great news Rajiv Gandhi international airport in Hyderabad is organizing a concert by AR Rehman as part of first anniversary celebrations.This is perhaps the first time first Rehman is performing in Hyderabad .I'm simply excited and desperate to attend a Rehman concert as it has been a dream.So wish to be there as I may leave India as early as next month I don't wanna let this chance go .Now the sad part is I can get a 1000Rs ticket at max and might end up miles away from stage.And letting my dreams run wild I wish someone gives me a 25000Rs pass. Tickets are available from the Hyd airport website and also from


  1. Wow how could Hyderabad International airport charge so much for the tickets and since it is their anniversary, they shouldn't be charging...Rahul whether you pay Rs 500 or Rs 25,000 is the atmosphere and the excitement of the don't waste precious money...believe me...

  2. @ sukku,

    ya its way 2 costly.I'm now trying to get free passes

  3. @rahul

    Hi buddy i guess this even is conducted to donate the money to the people who got effected with floods.
    Sorry if i am wrong.

  4. @ Raghava
    ya but only extra money after they break even will to the flood relief fund


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