Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ms in US of A

My parents and me were very clear about my career long since i remember. The plan was that I will do my bachelors in engineering and Ms from US and finally become a software engineer (what ever that means.I failed to decipher what that means even though I'm working in a Software company as Trainee).My life was full of obvious decisions, after passing from school, my stream for inter was pretty clear (MPC what else you need to become an engineer) and as for the bachelors engineering degree(Btech) part I did finish my bachelors in Engg in computer science. Every thing went according to the plan till Engg except that i was supposed to do my Btech from IIT’s but ended up finishing it in Holy Mary Institute of technology and science.Then the next step has to be Ms in Us but then came fear that threatened my beautifully planned career, the fear that i might not return to India after my masters, this fear led to some decisions that did not work - my Gate attempt (must have been a half hatred attempt).But now after retrospection, introspection,circumspection I again decided to go ahead with my original plan. Go ahead for MS in US but along with this I take up a new challenge, the challenge of coming back to India even though not immediately after Ms but definitely after some time from the comfort of USA which held back 90% of Indian who went there.At least this post should work as remainder for me when i think(heavens forbid) of settling down in US.



  1. nuvu pakka ravu ra, how abt a bet ???

  2. u aren't d first one 2 go thru all those buddy but i do pity u...this is mahathi or magi 4m visit mi blog though i don't have any adsense'


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