Friday, March 6, 2009

I’m Back

Well, I’m back after a break of more than a month .The reason for this hiatus was ofcourse my GRE ( remember my New year resolutions).I’ve been sticking to at least 2 of my new year resolutions the “study for the GRE” and the “Early to bed early to rise “ things but failed to implement the third resolution “eat healthy “.I’ve been busy preparing for GRE and generally late night is time I write most of my posts so a cut down in the nocturnal activity resulted in this hiatus. Now that the GRE(Graduate Record Examination) is done and I got a score of 1320.I’ll be concentrating on the “eat healthy “ thing.

And also it is back to regular blogging for me.


  1. dude we know u studied for gre but is it necessary to use nocturnal and hiatus... ..i guess u should have studied hard!! anyways congrats... and belatd happy bday

  2. @ padma
    thanks for the wishes


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