Saturday, July 12, 2008

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twin Spark


Royal Enfield India is growing slowly but steadily .The latest offering from the Chennai based company is the new Thunderbird with a twin spark engine and few other changes ,most significant of the changes made is the UCE (unit construction engine) with integrated gear box which according to Royal Enfield reduces the metal wear and tear. The UCE in the Thunderbird Twinspark means that customers will no longer have to deal with the chronic issues of owning a Bullet — the vintage version that has given the company the reputation it basks in today — which means no more push rod adjustment to stop tappet noise, no more oil leaks, no more checking oil level with a dipstick (a glass window now allows an instant check)..Other new features included are the auto decompresser, CV carburetor, powerful disc breaks, a 6-plate low effort clutch and highest payload for any Indian motorcycle(160 kgs) .That plus a torque of 28 Nm ,the company says is the bike's USP.The new Thunderbird @ 20 bhp promises to be more efficient and responsive.The company might phase out the present TBLB(Thunderbird Lean Burn) depending on the response .


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  2. the tappet noise sucks,never expected this from royal enfield


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