Sunday, July 27, 2008

Houyhnhnms And The Island Of Anuta

This is a article in BBC talks about an isolated island in Pacific ocean called Anuta.Being one of world's most remote islands the people there have a great community spirit and the harmony, which goes as far as adopting each others children .If a couple was childless for any reason they would be perfectly entitled to ask another family member or friend if they could have their next child.This reminds me of one of the islands that Jonathan Swift talks about in his 18th century classic- Gulliver Travels -The country of the Houyhnhnms wherein there is a slimilar notion about adopting other's childern.The author says

Here likewise the regulations of children is settled:as for instance if a Houghyhnm hath two males he changeth one of them with another that hath two females;and when a child hath been lost by any casualty where the mother is past breeding it is determined what family in the district shall breed another to supply the loss.

Wonder how world will be if everybody has same love and compassion.

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