Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tvs Apache RTR 160 Efi Err 2008

Few weeks back I got a call from my friend saying that Apache Rtr Efi is out.Few hours later I was at the Tvs showroom and this is what I saw at the entrance

the first thing that caught my eye was the new side air scoops ."Yes this is it, this is the Rtr Efi displayed at the Delhi Auto expo earlier this year," I thought.

A closer look revealed this :

The new side air scoops

Same sporty engine guard

Same Digital console

Same metallic bars.

Same petal disc,same grab rail etc.

And Same Name:

Wait a sec where is the name Efi ?

can't find it anywhere !!!!


Wasn't that supposed to have the strips instead of the one shown below

Unable to control my excitement went in to enquire the tech specs , to my disappointment the personal at the showroom informed that this not the Efi but RTR 2008.

Though the fact that there is still no Efi is a bit saddening but this Apache RTR 2008 is good ,the side air scoops add to the already good looking apache RTR giving the bike a bulky look from front. Mileage and other specs remain same.

Another change though (nothing to do with the look) is the new data logging feature which includes lap timer, 0-60 kmp time, and top speed(good one).

Riding experience soon!!!!!!!!!!!.


  1. there is no gear indicater in the diplay,,,,,,,,,,,rear disc is more problem because of small wheel

  2. that is TVS Apache RTR Refresh, not EFi

  3. Apache suits to almost every average height person which is its USP and TVS has implanted a powerful 160cc engine which turns it into a cheetah on the road within some seconds.


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