Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Positive Effect Of The Oil Price Rise


While everybody is busy cursing the rise in oil prices, I found this article titled

"The high cost of oil is bad for the economy, but is it good for the climate?"

in The Guardian which actually tries to look at the positive side of the oil price rise( more than 130$ a barrel all time high).

Well ,the high rise in petrol price might actually help in fighting the problems like global warming .

This lines consummates what the author wanted to say.

"Several theories were emerging yesterday over the environmental effects of oil at $130 a barrel or more. In the green corner were the optimists, who believe that the shock will force people to cut their energy use, invest in renewable and energy conservation, downsize their cars, take fewer foreign holidays and reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

In India a price hike of rupees 10 is suggested . The price hike at least might force many lazy people like me walk to neighbourhood grocery store instead of using the bike and prefer public transportation over the luxury of a private car for long distances.

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