Monday, March 10, 2008

TVS Re-launches Flame With a Modified Engine


Tvs motors co launched err re-launched their 125cc Flame with a modified engine. Tvs's new Flame will also have a engine based on Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent (CC-VTi) technology but with single spark unlike its predecessor which had a twin spark technology and got caught in a legal tussle with Bajaj over patent infringement .

With the Madras high court orders to stop the manufacturing and selling Flame with the controversial engine Tvs had no choice but to come out with a alternative engine as soon as possible (although the legal battle is still on Tvs doesn't want to miss out in the all crucial 125cc executive segment).So here they are in less than just one month after the ruling came out Tvs is ready with there new engine .

More details about launch:

The company introduced the bike, priced at Rs 46,000 (ex-showroom across the country), with a single spark ignition engine based on Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent (CC-VTi) technology.

"TVS, in keeping with its tradition of breaking new ground in two-wheelers, is proud to have brought this world- class engine technology into India with the CCVTi engine. This engine has been developed and patented by AVL and licensed to TVS in India," company's CMD Venu Srinivasan said in a statement.

TVS said its new 'Flame' uses a "universally accepted and traditionally proven" single spark plug ignition system.

The engine's developed and patented by Austria based AVL (world leaders in internal combustion engines ) and licensed to Tvs.


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  1. The modified engine is brilliant. I think bajaj is doing a great job and is a company on its way to make it big. However I believe they need to market their bikes outside of india to a wider audience. Using a tool like MyPRGenie ( they can build PR and let the service handle all marketing issues. I am regular user and am a big fan


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