Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bajaj pulsar's new ad rocks

Check out this cool new pulsar ad from Bajaj its called Pulsar Mania. Great camera work, cool background music and loads of stunts(amazing 360's,wheelies,burnouts) and awesome formations are what the ad is all about.

It simply rocks!!!!!!!


  1. Hiii...Add is Good ,but BAJAJ PULSAR is HOPELSS..i never liked any bajaj bikes....HONDA is always BEST.Waiting for HONDA's Ans to This Bajaj Pulsar which have specialty of Square digital speedo Meter - PARIKSHIT ,NAGPUR-MAHARASHTRA

  2. hii dudes....!
    wel, pulsarmania ads rock as always...d ads ad a macho cum streetfighter charisma to bajaj bikes which leave d onlookers stunned n probly d pride of owning a bajaj bike seeps thru der vens...
    hh shd realy learn frm dis coz der ads dnt really reflect der machines,posin a cheap look irrespective of d fact dat hh bikes r superior to pulsars in al depts..dos who own kno dis so wel..
    so what nids fr hh r sum brilliant,vibrant promotn ads dat wl truly signify der biks in d brightest posible sense......!!!!!!

  3. The new ad is rockinnnnnnnnnnnnng!!!!

    Hero honda - 25th anniversary ad is such a long ad, that i keep switching on my channels...



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