Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogging Workshop by Rashmi Bansal

Last week I attended a workshop on 'blogging' which was a part of there three day fest called Felicity at IIIT Hyderabad. The 'blogging workshop' was conducted by Rashmi Bansal of Youth Curry (She is also the editor and publisher of popular youth magazine called JAM), we had a good interactive session.

Firstly, she did a brief review of all our blogs thanks to IIIT we had a system connected to a projector with internet. She had the following suggestions for my blog:
Ø Reduce the size of the header image, so anyone visiting the page gets to see the content right away. (So the new look of Techblues with out the header image).
Ø Try to improve post frequency.

Secondly, she talked about some of the Indian blogging controversies, especially the one's that she was involved (remember the IIPM controversy).

Believe me she has got a very different way of looking at things (Blogging):
Ø According to her even a general blog which is targeted to build a readership must also be written for your self just like a personal blog, because she feels that only when you are true to that sprit you will attract an audience.
Ø Blog only if it’s fun and challenging to you and not because someone else has a blog or just because it’s the in thing.
Ø The quest for perfection is pointless! Especially in blogs.

This actually changed the way I look at blogging now:
Ø From now on I hope to put a little bit of me in every post on Techblues.
Ø I'll convert more of my ideas to post rather than looking for perfection which has actually reduced my conversion rate (ideas to posts).

Here are just some Quotes by Rashmi Bansal about blogging

"The quest for perfection is pointless! And more so, on a blog. Better post something half baked than keep a perennially cold oven".

"Ultimately blogging is not a popularity contest".

If you just find blogging is no longer fun and neither a challenge then,
"So no big deal - stop blogging! It's not a baby you have to be responsible for, your whole life".


  1. u did the right thing by implementing the changes...........ur blog looks gr8


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