Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bajaj Small Car

Just two days before the launch of the Tata Motors much hyped car 'NANO' (The People's Car) at Delhi Auto Show 2008, came a surprise from the India's second largest bike manufacturer Bajaj.

Bajaj unveiled a prototype of its 'Lite' concept car in New Delhi .This small will most probably hit road in some where around 2010. Production of this car will be done in collaboration with Nissan and Renault.

The car looks a bit similar to Mauthi's Zen Estillo and Tata Motors new Nano.The most interesting part is the placement of gear rod,it seems to have found a new positioning.
The car has a really flat and bumb rear,except for the rear it a good looking one.
With so many new cars in its segment, the Indian small car segment is really going places.

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  1. How much longer before we "morally superior" Americans get the chance to drive the Bajaj?

  2. @ IludiumPhosdex
    It is expected to go on road in India in 2009. About America don't have any idea.

  3. Is this goin 2 be released along

    "Nano" ?????????

    nd wht r itz chances ????????/

  4. Ths s expected 2 come out n 2009
    where as 'nano' set for release much early.

    comng 2 ts chances feel t wll fare good only tme can tell.


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