Sunday, December 16, 2007

I-pod Touch

techblues is not much into product reviews, but the when the Apple's concerned i just can't resist my carvings to talk about their products.

Now, if you are wondering what's the product I'm talking about, its none other than the new I-POD Touch .This iphone like looking gorgeous i-pod comes with a 3.5" display and its a mere 8mm thick. Its available in 8GB and 16GB variants, as for the battery life, the touch is said to last 12 hours when playing audio and 5 hours when watching video.

Among many positives the USP of the ipod-touch would be its multi touch interface( the same revolutionary technology that made iphone a hit), you should actually use it to get to know how good the interface is. Another nice feature is the built-in Wi-Fi and Safari browser in ipod-touch which lets you surf the web in any Wi-Fi hot spot.

Now on the flip side we have a few things :
  • Email is absent

  • No Bluetooth

  • Max size 16GB.

  • To pricey for the size on the offer(16 GB).

  • No external volume control( not really a negative , if you can get used to touch screen volume control which more than compensates for the absence of the external volume control).


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