Thursday, February 8, 2007

The apple's iphone revealed :: take good hard look at the iphone and the risk involved

The much anticipated Apple iphone is here.It was announced at the Macworld 2007 Apple computers Ultimate event(Oops!- they'er just Apple Inc now) by Steve Jobs.It is a nex-gen multimedia device.The Apple's people say that it is an "intelligent Internet communicator." It has some really cool features like the proximity sensor which deactivates the screen when the iphone is held near the ear to prevent accidental presses.The most striking is the phone's 3.5 inch touch screen with "Multi-touch input " which means the user can navigate via finger gestures over the display , the screen is capable of detecting multiple touch points rather than a single point of contact .This feature allows the phone to recognise gestures such as a pinching motion with the fingers to zoom in and out of an image .

It's so cool!There's no keypad,a multiple-touch screen,it reorients the screen depending on the way you are holding it,has Wi-Fi and did i mention how cool it looks? It also makes calls after all its the apple's version of the mobile phone-The Apple iphone.

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It has some standard features like Bluetooth ,and all the features of a smart phone.The camera on the phone is 2 MP.It is tauted to be a wide screen i-pod with a phone ,camera,browser. Its small form factor with very sophisticated touch screen and very slick user interface it is definitely a coolness indicator.The iphone syncs with iTunes and auto-syncs with the PC or a Mac as expected.


  • The iphone has no push buttons, requires no stylus-you just need fingers to tap on its multi-touch screen.
  • can use contacts like never before
  • Visual voicemail
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Quad-band GSM+EDGE
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0
  • Ignores unintended touches
  • Wide screen video
  • Built-in speaker
  • The iphone packs in all the features of the world's most-selling portable music player
  • A multitasking phone,this-read web-page while your mail gets downloaded in the background
  • With 11.6 mm or 0.46 width its as slim as it gets.
  • the iphone's inbuilt Ambient Light Sensor automatically adjusts the display's brightness in accordance with the ambient light.
  • Another sensor on its body detects the phone's proximity to your body.So if u bring it near your ear,the display automatically turns off.Intelligent ,huh?
  • Flip the phone, and the display adjusts itself to landscape or portrait. That's accelerometer sensor for you!
  • Google Maps on the iphone lets you view detailed maps, locate your destination, and even call up some commercial spots in the us.
  • Log on to a site, view it horizontally or in portrait mode,and just tap on your favourite section to zoom in on them.
  • Surf the web and use Google Earth for a view of all the pretty places
  • Type in your mails and text messages with a full QWERTY soft-touch keyboard.You can send and receive SMSes in multiple sessions-just like a web chart.
  • Yahoo! in an exclusive deal for iphone users will offer a new,free."push"IMAP email service.You can set it up by simply entering your existing yahoo! user name and password


    • Tech analysts are wondering, though,why the thing isn't 3G-enabled.
    • Incompatibility with third-party applications : it won't run just any application like your phones do today.
    • You can't change the battery(arguable).
    • The only accessory announced for the iphone as of now is the compact Bluetooth headset.
    • The screen isn't purely scratch-resistant.
    • It's Grossly overpriced.
    • Asia has to wait, Will be available in Asia next year.
    • It will hit US selves in June and is available only with Cingular today.
    • Lacks VoIP.


Apple once again proved its uncanny ability to develop products that seem revolutionary with the iphone , making it difficult for the competitors. Apple's design has always been about underlying simplicity of use,and the iphone ,seems to be no different.

Now, there's quite bit of risk involved in presenting this blog about the Apple iphone read on to know why?


  1. this is really fabulous inf abt the new apples i phone....
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  2. Apple's new phone is extraordinary .

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