Saturday, February 17, 2007

Can anyone get the desktop search right ?

I'm talking about search, a basic function . No one has got it right be it the in-built search Windows OS's search or third party applications like the Google or the MSN desktop searches.
Firstly the OS's search function sucks and wipes. It'll take ages to find.
Then there are the smarter downloadable search applications- both Google and MSN desktop searches do a bang-up job of finding stuff. The only rub is that they create humongous index files that eat up gigabytes of space on your hard disk and you still have to tall them where to look. Why can't a search tool simply assume that you want to find every document on your computer and leave it at that ?

I personally fell we deserve a much better search application don't you?

Is Vista's search better?


  1. true,,,, but this stuff is to much for a technologically challenged person like me:P

  2. dont worry keep reading this blog dwipayan you'll get ur dose of technology

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