Friday, July 10, 2009

New Hero Honda Karizma spied




These are the spy pics of new Hero Honda Karizma doing rounds on the internet . While the Bajaj has got their pulsar 200 and 220 and Yamaha their R15, Hero Honda was still struck with their aging Karzima which got its only upgrade in the form of an added R and sticker change. Now it looks like the Hero Honda is up for it with the new full fared Karizma. The new Karizma will be the only other bike in India with full front fairing along with the R15.

Some new features:  


  • New handle bars.
  • Full front faring.
  • Nice faring embedded clear lamp indicators.
  • Hayabusa inspired graphics on faring.
  • Rear disc braking
  • Gas shocks
  • Split grab rails
  • LED tails light

And some questions :

  1. While every body on the internet call the new karizma PGM-Fi (programmable fuel injected) we have to wait and see if it really is fuel injected.
  2. The Power ?.  Did Hero Honda Make any changes in the CC.
  3. Price ?. will HH be able to price the ZMA competitively.



    1. when is the new karizma PGM-Fi is going to release

    2. @ Ravi,
      It is not officially announced by Hero Honda

    3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

    4. New name for this bike SPIED: "Kari-busa"

    5. Honda comapny also has been launched KARIZMA bike which has been created space in the youth boys . it is more liking now days , it have supper speed and count in a very sexy have digital meeter which is looking attractive .
      thank u
      hallucinating sapience

    6. Some times we ignore the promotion freebies that come with the motor oil that we buy.. Recently i bought a Castrol promotion pack for my bike but wasn't informed by the dealer that the scratch card offer to enter the lucky draw to go to South Africa World cup games and the dealer has assured gifts that we can collect at the time of purchase. Make sure you ask your service dealers for the contest details if you buy one in the near future and collect your assured gift :)

    7. Hero Honda Karizma-Gmr is not just a bike but it is machine prepared for sporting purposes,It is first choice to young generation,

      GMC transfer case

    8. excellent bike, as ever Honda has the best design in this terrain, look at the new indicators, the color and shape of the bike.


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