Sunday, June 14, 2009

India out of world T20 England 09

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After the yesterdays loss against England the defending champions are on their way back home. Inspite of being defending champions India failed to produce any inspired performances in the world cup.One of the major reasons for the failure is Indian batsmen’s inability to play on bouncy English pitches Raina,Ghambir,Rohit Sharma have all fell for short deliveries in one match or the other. Now its interesting to see how Dhoni will handle things after this loss.

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  1. dhoni sucks man.... he should take the full responsibility for the loss...... see how he played in the last over as if only one run was needed....... and he was blaming jadeja in presentation.............. sack him......

  2. @ vinu
    Dhoni sure played a bit too slow in this tornament.


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