Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Completed 100 Posts

These days I'm not really obsessed with my blog stats as i once was this made me miss one of the major mile stone .I recently published 100Th post(link) and this post is officially 107Th  .I was also not keen on celebrating milestones , the only post i wrote about milestones was when my blog got 5000 visitors now the visitors have grown considerably with the official count nearing 40000 visitors i felt its time for one more celebration to keep going. So here i am celebrating 100 posts on my blog.A special thanks to all the regular visitors.Keep Coming back for more and this new year we are going to make some changes to the blog with more focus on bikes and more.


  1. no one shoyuld celebrate alone rahul..... celerate with others lavishly as ur viewers grew considerably....

    hmmm yeah , i got it... u said u got 40k visitors right..... here
    is the idea... throw a party worth 40k.... .. in B&c or perhaps a buffet in marriot.... its jus 450 bucks for a person...

    howws the idea!!!

  2. @ Padma
    the idea is good i'd definitely do that when my blog gets 1 million visitors

  3. Congrats!!! Hoping to see the next 100 soon....

  4. @ Sukku
    Thanks, i'll definitely try to reach 200 posts soon.

  5. mamaa....... congratzz....... another party in prasadz then from u :D

  6. we'll definitely have a party when my blog get 1 million visitors.


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