Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Hero Honda CBZ X-treme

Few pics of the new hero honda CBZ Xtreme

new-cbz-main new-CBZ-X-treme-1

The red colour is beautifully used at the rear near the grab rails, shocks and also only the rear wheel has red alloys and mild usage of red on the rear view mirror make the new Cbz X-treme look beautiful.


The tails lamp and overall back view is better because of the new clear lens indicators.

Here is what the Hero Honda has to say about the new CBZ X-treme:

The X-treme attitude of the bike, is reflected in the features and styling. Bold colours and bold patterns are complemented with a unique styling philosophy. Some of the features are adapted from race track patterns. The style follows the 'X' pattern, where the tank, visor, front fender and the rear cast wheel have the same colour; and the seat, engine and the front wheel are black. This feature of different coloured wheel is a firstof-its-kind in India. The new vibrant orange colour which has been introduced also goes with the sporty character of the bike.

Features like New aggressive visor, Racy speedometers, colour changes in Handlebar, Muffler cover & Side cover scoops add to the character.

The CBZ X-treme engine features ATFT - Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology. This revolutionary technology creates a Tumble Turbulence of air and petrol mixture to improve combustion to get the optimum balance of Power & Fuel Efficiency.

Some features of the New CBZ X-treme

  • Dual tone / new three colour scheme
  • 'X-treme' design concept - Diagonal Styling colours & unique wheel colour combination - different colour cast wheels (For the first time in the Indian two-wheeler market)
  • Sporty Dual tone rear view mirrors
  • Sporty new graphics and new X-treme logo
  • New aggressive visor & headlight with chrome trims
  • Brushed aluminium side cover scoops.
  • Carbon matt finish console and Racy dial design.
  • Sporty Matt silver Handlebar.
  • Clear lens indicator.
  • Handle bar holder cover with X-treme logo

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  1. Xtreme is a awesome bike to own..its so nice..the parts and the finishing is top notch and its handling is great pick up excellent..i feel on top of the world to own the best 150cc bike in india..go for it.its great value for money.

  2. I had visited 3 HH showrooms in blore last week. one showroom doesnt has the cbz xtreme other two has xtreme (quite a few nos.) and xtreme atft (very few, say3 red colored and one black colored that too under construction). well my concern is the rear tyre specs of cbz xtreme and pulsar 150cc are 100/90*18, but the one on the cbz xtreme doesnt look as wide as pulsar rear tyre. did any one notice this.
    One more thing is that on the side cover it is written as ATFT, but how do we get to know if its really ATFT engine, and not the normal cbz xtreme with new cosmetics on it?

  3. Just got CBZ Xtreme six months ago. Everything goes fine but expect the engine turns off while am riding the bike in rain. I have to shake the bike which turns on the the engine for a while around 5 sec and again it turns off. Two more guys are facing the same problem but not sure of what creates the problem. Any body has any suggestions.

  4. @ anonymous 3
    This is problem even people riding hunk have been complaining. The CBZ Xtreme comes with the same engine as HUNK. Have you tried talking with the service center people? what did they say.


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