Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yamaha R-15 Debut

countdown has begun for Yamaha YZF R-15
Tech specs coming soon!!!!

Full Specs.

Commercial and specs..


  1. Hey guys finally Yamaha is bring its most awaited Bike Yamaha R15 To India.

    India is one of the biggest market in terms of 2 wheelers. till now in the History Initially Yamaha with RX100 then Hero Honda with Splendar and then Bajaj With its revolutionary Pulsar 150 CC has dominated the Indian Roads. These bikes were famous because of its Looks, comforts and specially Because of it Cost and Milage. But with Yamaha R15 Figures are some what different.
    Yamaha R15 is the Bike Which will give raw power with excellent Handling and Superb Styling. Its developed on the Footsteps of Yamaha R1 which is one of the best bikes world wide.
    The only thing tht matters Yamaha R15 is its price which is some where around 1,10,000 INR (varies from state to state). And the Hike in the Petrol prices which will affect the most to the popularity of the bike at the time of its launch and initial stages.

  2. looking very cool bike... i find some colors for r15...

    is this true or just fake??


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