Tuesday, August 28, 2007

X-SEED 4000

image courtesy:http://www.inhabitat.com/2007/08/20/self-contained-tokyo-highrise-eco-city-x-seed-4000/

Ever wondered how tall the tallest building ever designed is ?Before you try let me remind you the tallest building in world at present is the Burj Dubai(still under construction ) at 1,680 ft and will be 2,275ft when finished.
Well, The largest building ever to be envisioned and designed fully is X-Seed 4000 .The X-seed 4000 is 13,123 ft (4 km) tall steel construction of 800 floors with a 6km base, the building was designed to be built in water in the Tokyo bay.Beating even the tallest structures dozens of radio and television broadcasting towers which measure over 2,000 ft.

Roughly based on the japan mount Fuji's structure ,this building would house somewhere from half a million to a million people. The X-Seed 4000 would cost about $ 300-900 billions US.

Being designed by Taisei constructions as an " Intelligent building" the X-SEED 4000 would maintain light temperature and air pressure in response to changing extreme weather condition.

Really wonder if this building will ever be made?


  1. rahul the estimated cost is

    300-900 (what)

  2. do u know the xact location?????????

  3. @ naveen thnx for finding da mistake its billion

  4. @ naveen
    it is located off the coast of Tokoyo in the sea .
    some people also belive that it can be a problem to large ship traffic of the Tokoyo's harbour

  5. Hi,
    Rahul really this is great information, i think few of them knows about this even i got to know this today, i am also astonish to when i saw. Thank you very much for sharing this.

    "Craft Projects International"

  6. In Japan, a project is a project, no matter how delayed or put off. Sooner or later, this will be built.


  7. :| Its cancelled. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm one of the only that knows the diagram from extreme engineering does not show the X-seed!

  8. all off urll are nerdy kunts dats wat url r


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