Friday, June 1, 2007

TVS Apache 160 RTR

As expected , the big brother of TVS APACHE 150 is here. But it is just 10cc bigger than its predecessor and 2 kg heavier , letting down all those who expected a 180 cc version of APACHE.

TVS APACHE 150 is a big hit in fact , it is the largest selling bike for TVS. Just like 150 which came in when the pulsar 150's and 180's were ruling the road ;as a sigh of relief , I would feel this one is a serious competition for all the 150's out there in the market . Just get a feeling that TVS managed another good one . Another advantage TVS has is , 150 APACHE as the lowest ex-showroom price in 150cc segment , so, the pricing of 160 APACHE RTR can be much more competitive . Expected to be out very soon, with an ex-showroom price of around 60k ..
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  2. Out of all type of TVS Apache launched in India my favorite is Tvs Apache 160.Its a average height bike with a good mass and a lot of power which is a USP of it.It got stylish looks and graphics also.


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