Thursday, May 10, 2007

Metal fatigue

The Pulsar 200 has been out there for sometime doing rounds, its time defects come out .

Here's a major problem with it,

Off-late the front forks of the pulsar 200 have been breaking, because of what the bajaj people call a major design defect/ metal fatigue issues

"We would like to have the Forks in hand before calling up a customer for a recall. We would not like to commit & then cut a sorry figue to you saying "Sir the Fork is yet to come in / todays stock is thro’ sir!"

These Forks would arrive on daily basis from the vendor & hence reducing the Space & logisitic issues at the Dealerships.

All vehciles replaced with new forks have to updated on the Server of BAL.

A vehicle sold by a dealer, not traced hence no retrofit done, then the dealer becomes answerable at very many fourms inside BAL. More specifically Probiking dealers have a Walk on the Knife edge. Any silly mistake, the Probiking teams pulls them up very very badly, these types, well it might cost them Probiking logo going off.

Please note that Replacement decisions can’t happen very soon. There are couple of other things to look into mainly the Law of the Land . Any way the Replacements are underway & would be completed in a few days.

At this point of time it would be premature to call Customers informing them about the Possible Failures. This would be pressing the Panic button in them. Pressing the Panic button + the arrival of the customer at the Workshop , Chaos etc causes even more Distress in them.

Banglore has about 400 P-2’s, now if all the 400 come into the workshops for the replacement. All customers want priority in their replacement. This would lead to chaos, thus leading to greater dissatisfaction. Practically we We can push ourselves to about 25~35 Replacements a day, Beyond that fatigue takes over & there could be some side effects too.

Don’t worry, BAL would help all those who have trusted them & bought this beautiful machine out of this possible Crisis. Hope its clear. --

Bye & have a Safe Ride
Venkat Shyam,

BV Auto Service

(M) +91 94480 40349

email: v.v.shyam@gmail. com

this letter was supposedly written by pro-biking dealer in Bangalore few weeks back.

Now, the probiking dealers are calling all the bikes for replacement.

I got the call from the probiking dealer for replacement of the front forks. If u didn't get a call contact Ur dealer immediately.

some say it is not safe to ride the bike before getting the forks replaced . I would rather say try not to apply disc as far as possible until replacement.

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  1. is that problem still there with front fork in new coming p-200 bikes.plz tell me iam planing to buy it

  2. no the problem s long solved.
    t was only with the first 100-200 bikes


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